Passion Pirouette

Passion Pirouette (パッションピルエット Passhon Piruetto) is Cure Clubs's first finisher, first used in episode 2. In order to use this attack, she needs the Precise Baton.


As Cure Clubs pulls the Precise Baton out of her shorts pocket, she shouts, "Precise Baton!" The Precise Baton extends to its full length, and she then rises to demipointe and twirls the baton in front of her, tosses it in the air, and performs three quick tiptoe turns to the left with her arms in a circle above her head before it comes back down. She then performs a backflip and does a few quick tiptoe steps backwards while twirling the baton to her side. She pauses to announce the attack and, with her left arm circled in front of her, she twirls the baton above her head as she pirouettes several times in succession, during which multiple beams of light fire automatically at any and all Hebinodoku it detects. After the Hebinodoku is purified, she completes the final pirouette with a pose. The Precise Baton then collapses back to its usual size, and then she replaces it into her shorts pocket and curtsies.



Cure Clubs: プリサイスバトン!

Cure Clubs: プリキュア、パッションピルエット!


Cure Clubs: Purisaisu Baton!

Cure Clubs: Purikyua, Passhon Piruetto!


Cure Clubs: Precise Baton!

Cure Clubs: Pretty Cure, Passion Pirouette!


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