Mitaka Saeko

Mitaka Saeko (三鷹 紗子 Mitaka Saeko) is one of the main Cures in Rhythmic Pretty Cure. She is a 15-year-old girl who studies ballet and is on the calligraphy club.


Saeko is a timid and cute-looking girl who's easily frightened. She's sweet and naturally kind, though if you push her too far, you won't want to be around her. She's a pro at classical ballet and is skilled enough to dance en pointe; as such, she adapts very easily as a rhythmic gymnast. Her specialty is the ball; however, she's also displayed skill with the rope and is third only to Hitomi and Tsumugi as far as the ribbon is concerned.


As a civilian, Saeko has very short dirty blonde hair and gray eyes. In the colder months, she wears a gold frilly dress with short puffed lacy sleeves and a bell-shaped shin-length skirt with a lacy hemline, a white apron, white tights, and black Mary Janes; during and close to summer, she wears a gold cardigan over her pink ballet tunic, white tights, and black Mary Janes. When in rhythmic gymnastics class, she wears a gold tutu with puffy sleeves with gold lining at the end of the sleeves, classical pink tights, and pink ballet slippers; she wears the same thing to competitions and exhibitions, except the tights are theatrical pink.

As Cure Sphere, her hair and eyes become gold. She wears a silver tiara with a topaz gemstone encrusted in the center. Her main outfit consists of a gold leotard with puffy sleeves with pink lining at the end of the sleeves. On her chest is a yellow bow with a gold circular brooch. A yellow wing-like bow is in the back. Her skirt has a top layer of frilly white with a yellow stripe around it just above the hemline with layers of gold underneath it. She has white gloves reaching to just above her elbows, theatrical pink tights, and pink ballet slippers with two straps forming a crisscross on either side. A bag with the Electric Ball inside hangs around her waist from her left hip, and her RhythmPhone hangs from her right hip.



  • Tsumugi Nikaido : Saeko's BFF who had gone to public school with her for years.

Cure Sphere

Cure Sphere (キュアすふぃあ Kyua Sufia) is the alter ego of Saeko. She represents the ball, and she has an electricity motif.


Using the dial pad on the RhythmPhone, Hitomi dials 773-2873. As a pink light subsequently envelops him, he shouts, "Pretty Cure New Horizons!". Her body starts floating, glowing with gold light (save for her head). She moves her arms through 3rd port de bras, then performs a sissonne and lands in arabesque as her leotard and skirt form. Following a pique turn and changement, she does a saute pique as her gloves and chest bow appear. After an entrechat, she pirouettes three times. Her tights and ballet slippers appear as she does an entrechat en tournant, and she then performs two jetes. During the first jete, her bag appears, and during the second jete, her tiara appears. She then circles her arms in front of her as her RhythmPhone attaches itself to the skirt's waistline. Her arms lower slightly as she performs a demiplie, and they rise above her head as she performs a releve with her right leg in arabesque. She holds that position as she introduces herself as Cure Sphere. She lowers her arms to the side and poses.


  • Rolling Thunder - Her solo finisher.
  • Fouette Strike (フエッテストライク Fuette Sutoraiku) - A sub-attack. Cure Sphere starts with her arms in second position and her feet in fifth position. She performs a plie sous-sus and sweeps her arms down in front of her and then brings them up to fifth position. Afterwards, she advances towards her enemy via couru steps. As she gets close, she lowers her arms to second position. She pauses to announce the name of the attack and moves her arms into third position with her right arm circled in front of her and raises her right leg in front of her, performing a grand plie on her left leg. Afterwards, she performs two fouettes en tournant, striking her opponent by extending her right leg. She finishes with her feet in fifth position, and she gently lowers her arms from second to preparatory position.
  • Dance of Defense (ダンスオブヂフェンス Dansu obu Difensu) - A sub-attack for defensive purposes. Cure Sphere throws her Electric Ball above her and performs 32 fouettes en tournant. The electric shield that subsequently forms around the Cures and everybody else within the radius is only effective as long as she continues turning.


Mitaka (三鷹) : Mi (三) means three, a reference to her being the third Cure to awaken. Taka (鷹) means hawk or falcon.

Saeko (紗江子) : Sa (紗) is another reference to silk, though much more to the point. E (江) means water inlet or bay. Ko (子) means child and is a common suffix in given names for girls.


  • Saeko is one of two Cures in the series who isn't named after a rhythmic gymnastics apparatus (the other is Cure Twirl).
  • Her Cure costume looks similar to that of Cure Rope.
  • She shares the following similarities with Kasugano Urara from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Kise Yayoi from Smile Pretty Cure:
    • All three have Yellow as their theme color.
    • All three are the only children in their respective families.
    • They're the shortest in their respective groups, in terms of height.
    • All three have blonde hair.
    • They're the third Cures of their respective groups.
  • She and Yayoi are further similar in that they both use lightning-based attacks.
  • She and Nikaido Tsumugi are the first Cures to speak in the Nagoya dialect.
  • She's the only Cure in the series whose origin is unknown (all that's known is that she was left at the doorstep of Mitaka Manor by a foreigner who is hinted to be one of her actual parents).
  • She's one of two Cures in the series with classical ballet training (the other being Cure Rope).
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