Ichinose Hitomi

Ichinose Hitomi (一の瀬 一美 Ichinose Hitomi) is the main character of Rhythmic Pretty Cure. He is a 15-year-old boy who enjoys karate and finds a hidden talent for rhythmic gymnastics.


Hitomi is an athletic teenager who goes to karate class every Monday and Thursday. Whenever there's trouble nearby, he's always willing to help in any way possible. He's also very courageous and is shown to be surprisingly good at rhythmic gymnastics, especially as far as the ribbon is concerned (he's also had moderate success using the ball as his apparatus).


As a civilian, Hitomi has red hair and green eyes and wears glasses. In the colder months, he wears a black leather jacket over a white T-shirt, blue jeans and combat boots; during and close to summer, he wears a pink tie-dye T-shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers. When in rhythmic gymnastics class, he wears a pink long-sleeved tunic with petticoats, classical pink tights, and pink ballet slippers; he wears the same thing to competitions and exhibitions, except the tights are theatrical pink.

As Cure Twirl, his hair becomes a more pinkish color, and his eyes also become pink. He wears a silver tiara with a quartz gemstone encrusted in the center. His main outfit consists of a pink leotard with puffy sleeves with red lining at the end of the sleeves. On his chest is a pink bow with a gold circular brooch. A pink wing-like bow is in the back. His skirt is white with a pink stripe around it just above the hemline and some light pink ruffles lining it. He has white gloves reaching to just above his elbows, theatrical pink tights, and pink ballet slippers with two straps forming a crisscross across either side. His Graceful Ribbon is tied around his left wrist, and his RhythmPhone hangs from his right hip.


Enrolling at Altair and Becoming Cure Twirl

When he and his friends Makoto Arikawa and Ichiro Fujioka are accepted into the prestigious high school Altair Private Academy, they run a one-lap race around the perimeter. Their positions at the end of the race determined with which side of the school they'll sign up the following day; Hitomi finishes dead last and is relegated to its rhythmic gymnastics side. After getting his outfit and supplies at the school store, he has an uneventful first day, though he makes some new friends and is surprised to see his old friend Tsumugi Nikaido, from his karate class, in his rhythmic gymnastics class, Class G.

On the way home from their karate class later that day, he and Tsumugi are ambushed by a strange, malevolent woman named Basilisk the Sculptor, who unleashes a Hebinodoku on them, using a random passerby as its host, and petrifies Tsumugi's lower leg. However, a pink-furred rabbit who called herself Ribbon appears and grants Hitomi the powers of Pretty Cure, with which he, with Tsumugi's help, defeats and purifies the Hebinodoku.


  • Tsumugi Nikaido : Hitomi's childhood friend and longtime karate classmate and sparring partner.

Cure Twirl

Cure Twirl (キュアとわある Kyua Towāru) is the alter ego of Hitomi. He represents the ribbon, and he has a cherry blossom motif.


Using the dial pad on the RhythmPhone, Hitomi dials 773-2873. As a pink light subsequently envelops him, he shouts, "Pretty Cure New Horizons!". His body starts floating, glowing with gold light (save for his head), and with one foot flat on the ground and the other behind with the heel off the ground, he makes a frontal wave to his left with his right arm, and then to the right as his leotard appears. As he makes a single leap, with one leg extended in front of him and the other extended behind and his toes pointed outward, pink ballet slippers appear on his feet, and white gloves form on his arms from his fingertips to just above his elbow. He lands on his right foot and starts performing several tiptoe turns in succession with his arms in various positions, during which his skirt forms as his hair and eyes change color, his tights appear under his leotard and shoes, and his RhythmPhone attaches itself to the skirt's waistline. A 10cm wand appears on his left glove, an attachment forms on the top of the wand, and a short ribbon forms on the attachment and ties itself to his wrist. After his tiara appears, his arms form a circle above his head as he performs two pirouettes. He then lowers his arms to the side and introduces himself as Cure Twirl, posing afterwards.


  • Elegant Spiral - His solo finisher.
  • Graceful Spear (グレイスフルスピヤー Gureisufuru Supiyā) - A sub-attack. Cure Twirl takes a naginata with a pink tip from behind his back, and he uses it to batter his opponent.
  • Spear Defense (スピヤーデフェンス Supiyā Defensu) - A sub-attack for defensive purposes. Cure Twirl spins his naginata in front of him to deflect an attack.


Ichinose (一の瀬) : Ichi (一) means one, a reference to his being the first Cure to awaken. No (の) is a genitive case marker. Se (瀬) means ford.

Hitomi (一美) : Hito (一) is another way to say one. Mi (美) is a suffix to name that means beauty, usually a feminine suffix but occasionally a masculine suffix as well. In that respect, Hitomi is likewise a unisex name. It's also a name that can be written in different ways.


  • Hitomi is one of two Cures in the series who isn't named after a rhythmic gymnastics apparatus (the other is Cure Sphere).
  • His Cure costume looks similar to that of Cure Hoop.
  • His appearance as a Pretty Cure resembles that of Cure Black from Futari wa Pretty Cure and Cure Rouge from Yes! Pretty Cure 5.
  • Like Nikaido Tsumugi, Myoudouin Itsuki from Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Aoki Reika from Smile Pretty Cure, and Yotsuba Alice from Doki Doki Pretty Cure, Hitomi is a martial artist.
  • He shares his name with Itou Hitomi, Saki's friend, from Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star.
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