Energy Shield

Energy Shield is a defensive maneuver that can be performed by any Cure within 100m of a Hebinodoku or one of the Nightmare Beauties. Though it can be done as a Cure, this is mostly done as a civilian; each Cure has his/her own defensive maneuver that can only be used as a Cure.


The Cure who performs this attack dials 225-4507 on his/her RhythmPhone and shouts, "Shields Up!" (S)he then circle his/her right arm in front of him/her and extends his/her left arm to the side, putting his/her left leg behind his/her right leg. Suddenly, (s)he raises his/her arms above his/her head, forming a circle, and starts performing multiple tiptoe turns in succession. After the third tiptoe turn, a light shoots up directly above him/her and forms an energy dome around the Cures and anyone else within the vicinity. The shield will last only as long as the Cure continues performing tiptoe turns or until half a minute has elapsed from its formation, whichever comes first. As the final tiptoe turn ends and/or the shield disappears, (s)he lowers both of his/her arms to the side, and then poses.





Shīrudo Appu!


Shields Up!


  • The attack can be done with the directions inverted (i.e. left becomes right, and vice versa).
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