Elegant Spiral

Elegant Spiral (エレガントスパイラル Ereganto Supairaru) is Cure Twirl's first finisher, first used in episode 1. In order to use this attack, he needs the Graceful Ribbon.


As Cure Twirl grabs the Graceful Ribbon with his right hand, he says, "Graceful Ribbon." He holds the ribbon in front of him, and the satin strip of ribbon extends itself to a length of 5m. After rising to demipointe, he spirals the ribbon to the right, and then to the left. With his left arm circled in front of him, he performs three tiptoe turns to the right as the ribbon in his right hand forms a spiral around him. Afterwards, he announces the attack as he brings his right arm down for a final frontal spiral. The length of the ribbon quickly increases until it strikes the first thing in its path. If successful, the Hebinodoku is purified. The ribbon's length then shrinks back to its normal size; he then reties it to his left arm and curtsies.



Cure Twirl: グレイスフルリボン。

Cure Twirl: プリキュア、エレガントスパイラル!


Cure Twirl: Gureisufuru Ribon.

Cure Twirl: Purikyua, Ereganto Supairaru!


Cure Twirl: Graceful Ribbon.

Cure Twirl: Pretty Cure, Elegant Spiral!


  • "The Ribbon of the Tiger" is the only episode where Cure Twirl doesn't curtsy after using this attack.
  • This is one of two finishers where the name of the weapon isn't shouted.
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